What others have to say ...

"Mr. Liversidge gets high, high marks for this innovative method ... one that a seasoned player/new to teaching, can use to relate to young students." - Michael Lawler

"Owen Liversidge gives you a logical, practical, USEFUL system for teachers and students playing the drum set. Very comprehensive for all ages." - Jason Monseur

"Owen has a very clear, structured style that covers lots of simple things that many other tutorial books miss out altogether ... This book overlaps many other instruction books - I know because I own most of them. If you're looking at getting off on the right foot, this is, in my opinion, the best book available at the moment." - Otis Mojo

"I highly recommend them - concise, straightforward and full of ideas with real-world applications. Cheers!" - Simon Bridgestock

"The past few weeks ive been working through the first book with my youngest of drum students (age 6), and he said to me yesterday that he's been looking forward to working on it again all week. That's all he wants to do at his drum lessons just now. He's just past the level 3 chapters and his reading is awesome." - Sam Lumsden

"I love using this book with my students because it gives me ample material to cover and discuss with them ... It allows me to customize the lessons based on the student's personal level. One of my favorite features of the book is that there is no text to explain how to play something, which gives me the opportunity to show the student various different approaches on how and why to play the exercises. Between volume 1 and 2 of this title, a qualified teacher can start a student from the beginning and take them to a fairly advanced level." - Bobby A

"I find it to be a well thought out resource. Exercises range from beginner to practical to challenging! There are plenty of ideas to build on and do variations that fit your particular students or situation. The author also has a website that offers extra material that you can download. Highly recommended!" - Drum Mercenary

"At last a concice and ACCURATE book of source material for students and teachers ... Well worth using these books, even if you think you are set in your ways of teaching. Highly recommended and worthy of many more stars than the standard five." - Sam Anstice Brown

"This book helps the teacher create a good relationship with the student, and after all, that is a win/win scenario. I strongly recommend these books to get good results and maintain a good roster of eager students!" - Marc White

"As the title implies, this book is designed for the drum student/drum teacher relationship and Liversidge more than pulls it off ... Congratulations to Owen Liversidge, a force in the world of drum education for years to come." - Andy Ziker

"It is clearly written out, starting off with simple exercises that progressively become more involved. It is a book that I will be teaching from, for all my beginner students for many years to come." - Gary

"It progresses through the patterns with a nice flow and still leaves room for the teacher to gear the lessons to the student's personal needs. A must have for students and teachers." - Erik

"This is a must have book for any percussion (drum-set) educator. The book is well written. The author is astute, demonstrating a very educated and methodical approach to drum set studies." - GaryTJ

"I am teaching Primary aged children with this book. They are loving it. Ideal for any level of drummer. Highly recommended." - J Adkin

"Players from absolute beginners to intermediate level players could benefit from the wide range of exercises presented in a very logical, progressive manner. For teachers, it acts as a great supportive resource, allowing you plenty of room to expand on all exercises whilst also acting as a great suggestion syllabus for your lessons." - Dan Brigstock

"As a drum teacher who has used this book for quite a long time now, I can say that the students love it and feel comfortable to work with it in the class and at home. As a teacher, I can say that this book is one of a kind to be able to give homework ... saves a lot of time and there is no need for another notebook. Great idea!!!" - Udi Benjamin

"Very professional, well explained with some great exercises for all levels, an overall great drum book!" - Robbie Spooner

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