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Drum Set Studies: Exercise Book One introduces the student to basic rhythms and how to develop synchronization (playing with hands and feet together). Starting primarily with Eighth Notes and Sixteenth Notes, the budding drummer will learn how to play with simple rudiments and sticking patterns, while getting to grips with rock-solid beats. Some introductory styles of music are also examined, as well as dynamics, plus much more.

• Basic rhythms & sticking

• 1/8 Note beats & fills

• 1/16 Note beats & fills

• Triplet beats & fills

• Open hi-hat beats & fills

• Dynamics

• Number Cells as fills

• Alternate time signatures

• Dotted Notes & fills

• Plus much more!

Drum Set Studies: Exercise Book Two takes the student to the next level by focusing on syncopation (playing hands and feet independently). Sixteenth Notes and Triplets are looked at in greater detail, as well as some more intricate musical styles and note patterns. Linear exercises and rudiments are further studied by developing them into fills, plus many other work-outs. By the end of this book, the student will be able to play most songs aired on commercial radio.

• Check patterns

• Extensive look at off-beats

• Linear time exercises

• Adv. rhythms & sticking

• Adv. open hi-hat beats

• Adv. alternating beats

• 1/32 Notes & beats

• 1/16 Triplets & fills

• Plus much more!

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