The books that allow your teacher to interact ...

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The Teacher and Student Method series of books accommodate valuable input and instruction from your music teacher. Just before you are ready to start each new topic, you will find a page that allows your teacher to offer you personal instruction, and demonstrate the new skill until you are ready to move on to the many exercises. The Teacher's Notes pages may also be used at their discretion, for adding further examples on each new topic, or extracts from songs that demonstrate what you have learned. In fact, the whole book is designed like an educational exercise book, allowing your teacher to make notes in the very book that you will be working from.

Of course, we don't want to leave the student feeling left out, which is why The Teacher and Student Method has provided them with pages of blank manuscript to record their own personal compositions, even song ideas. Also, the blank manuscript can provide for additional material and instruction from the teacher, if need be.

We believe that a book should bless the student and teacher with comprehensive and progressive exercises, but should never stop there. After all, everyone has their own creative ideas, so that vision needs a place to be realized. All it needs now, is your own personal input.

Good luck!

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