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"In the saturated world of drum set instructional books, it becomes increasingly difficult for one book to stand out from the crowd. From applying rudiments to double-bass drumming, just about every topic imaginable has already been covered. Luckily for us, a new wave of authors has appeared on the drumming landscape, creating novel approaches to help both student and teacher. Owen Liversidge has done this with his new book, The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies." - Andy Ziker, author of best-seller Drum Aerobics.

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drumset method book one

The Teacher And Student Method Drum Set Studies Exercise Book One. For all beginners, ages 6 and upwards.

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drumset method book two

The Teacher And Student Method Drum Set Studies Exercise Book Two. For intermediate to advanced. Recommended after playing through book one.

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The Teacher and Student Method series of books have been designed so that the student can work with their teacher in covering all of the skills needed to perform with a particular instrument.

There are many self-teaching and highly detailed instructional books on the market, but none have been created for a one-on-one teaching environment. Why do you need diagrams and instruction, when you have a well-qualified teacher sat right next to you in the room? The answer is that you don't, and so The Teacher and Student Method does away with the unnecessary book filler and instead fills the pages with comprehensive and thorough exercise material. By the time you are finished with our books, you will be ready for the show!

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Who better to teach you the basics of music and performance than your very own teacher? The Teacher and Student Method Books have pages dedicated to personal instruction on every new topic, so you can learn what you need to learn throughout the curriculum... and nothing else.

The Teacher's Notes pages allow your teacher to demonstrate the basics of playing your instrument, in a way that is tailored to your needs and level of understanding. Also, they can provide you with additional exercises and practice techniques if need be, as well as examples from your favorite songs.

While it is very important to practice with your instrument on a daily basis, we all know that isn't always possible. This is why The Teacher and Student Method covers every topic in fine detail, so you are practically becoming a seasoned musician as you progress through the many exercises in the books.

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